SEP 22 & 23 ALSO SEP 29 & 30

Members, we will be having a Workday this Saturday and Sunday, this weekend September 22/23, and another the following weekend September 29/30.

The focus should be secure and remove your personal property. Dockboxes are being separated and contents moved with the box if the box must be moved to allow unpiling of platforms and other boxes.We hope to have enough manpower to return Dingy racks to their locations. All the dinghies have been removed and are on the ground.

Pick up your gas and diesel cans! Take them off the property, the convenience center should be open and can receive small amounts.

The debris field behind the clubhouse all the way to the fence. Once you have your dockbox located and remaining contents removed, feel free to search thru the debris field, VERY carefully! Workboots and rubber boots are advised. Boat shoes and sneakers are not advised, no flip flops please. Lots of nails, screw heads and pointy objects in there, plus much of it conceals the water underneath. Work gloves are needed, bring them.

Snakes. There was one report yesterday of a small snake. Please be careful lifting things, kick it first. If you encounter a snake please do not indiscriminately kill it, there are good snakes reducing the rodent population. If its aggressive, take action.

Again, the Docks are closed! Do not attempt to repair them in any way, the Insurance Adjuster needs to see their current condition. Same with damage to the Bath House and the Clubhouse! Make no repairs! Walkways are included, make no repairs!

Lastly, home and family comes first. If you have critical issues deal with them and we will see you when it is possible for you to return.

Be safe, God Bless, Mike.