1979 Abbott MK1 Wayfarer #6066 “Fanfare”

Price: $5000.00
Seller: Jeremy LeRay
Contact: 1-919-619-6544

The boat: Abbott Boats is considered one of the best 20th-century builders of
fiberglass Wayfarers. This is a strong, light boat. I have the original measurement
certificate for review. The boat was acquired from the original owner’s family.

Trailer renovation: Wayfarer class stalwart “Uncle Al” Schonborn, in his book “Kiss
Your Dinghy”, writes that Pamco trailers are his favorite because they provide a
gentle ride to protect the boat from road bumps. After disassembling Fanfare’s
Pamco tilting trailer, grinding the frame pieces to bare metal, then applying 3 coats
Rustoleum bare metal primer and two coats Rustoleum enamel paint, I
reassembled it with new stronger hardware, recarpeted the bunks, added a new
winch, and a new heavier safety chain. Fanfare ramp-launches and recovers
quickly and easily on this renovated trailer and everything works as it should.

Fins: Custom made centerboard and rudder by Richard Johnson and Michelle

Standing rigging: Proctor mast, new shrouds and shroud adjusters, new MK4
adjustable spreaders, dyneema forestay, and MK4 Selden boom.
All running rigging upgraded: Tapered Marlow excel 3/16 spin sheets lime green,
Samson Amsteel AS-78 main halyard red, FSE Robline 3/16 spin halyard red/black,
¼” mainsheet white, FSE Robline 3/16 topping lift gray. MK4 dyneema cascade
vang – double ended, Harken Jib halyard cascade 14:1, MK4 Harken barber hauler
kit, Harken roller furler, MK4 style self-tacking adjustable bridle (not double ended),
Harken centerline mainsheet relocated forward, like MK4, and new cam cleats
Sails: 2004 North main, Genoa (dyneema luff rope), spinnaker and older Hans Fogh
sails. Newer Hartley sails available.

Floorboards: New one-piece custom made Coosa floorboards with Kiwi Grip non-

Misc: Hans Goetchling spinnaker bags, Hans Goetchling boom tent for

NC titles for both boat and trailer.


Please contact Pete Thorn

Wayfarer 6066 Fanfare Listing with Images